Things You Should Consider Before Cutting a Tree by Yourself

We remove trees for many reasons. It’s either it’s already dying or has been damaged by a storm. It is so tempting to do the cutting on your own but the job should be given to a tree care professional who have better knowledge than you when it comes to trees.  

Tree removal is challenging and risky, it needs a whole team to pull everything off. Safety precautions should be done and proper equipment should be used. There’s a high risk of getting injured once the job goes wrong, and a job as dangerous as this, it should never go wrong. To summarize it for you, never ever attempt to use a chainsaw and cut a tree!  

A tree falls unexpectedly when it’s cut down. You will never know it will fall right off you and injure you badly. The job will cause more harm than good especially if done in a reckless manner. Your safety should always come first. Hire a professional for reliable tree felling services. 

Here are the other things you should consider before cutting a tree.  

Consider the Risks 

Like mentioned, tree cutting is a dangerous job. That’s why it’s better to hire a professional because they know how tree works, they know that a tree is dying or dead, where it falls off when cut and might even give you tips on how to take care of your other trees.  

Consider Damages 

If not done professionally, a tree can fall off your property and the worst on your neighbor’s property! Surely you wouldn’t want that. You can be sued for that if anything goes wrong.  

Consider the Cutting Techniques 

Professionals know many different cutting techniques you don’t know about. You need to have a knowledge and understanding that each tree is different. You should make an accurate diagnosis for you to pull off the job, and only a skilled tree removal contractor can do that.  

These experts will use different techniques on cutting, as well as pruning and trimming techniques. You will only mess up the whole process if you do it on your own.  

The trees on our property should be well-maintained so you won’t have to be on the point of cutting them because they’re decaying. You should understand that the trees should be kept healthy for your good and for the benefit of the community.  

Before Hiring a Professional 

Now you already understand the need of hiring a professional to d the tree cutting task. There are a couple of things you should know. First, before hiring a company, ask and understand about the insurance coverage. The company should be insured and in your detailed contract, it should be written what are their coverage when damages happen.  

Are you covered when you’re injured? Are their employees, machines and your property covered too? Since the job involves tree cutting it’s imperative that you know. You can be financially liable if something happens to your neighbors of ever the job will damage their property especially if the tree is close to them.  


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Things to Consider When Hiring Tree Services 

It is clear that tree cutting is not a project to rust into. On this one, even the most ardent do-it-yourself will probably want to ask assistance from professionals. You can ask help from tree surgeon. They provide high-quality work and ensure customer satisfaction. 

Tree Services 

You may have a little choice but to hire a tree service to remove it safely if you have a large tree hanging over your house. To raise or protect your property value, you can hire professionals to put their artistic mind flare and knowledge. 

If you have an old stump that is consuming valuable space on your property, you can ask professionals to remove it for you through the process known as “stump grinding”. It is essential that the tree is completely removed to not cause hassle. 

It is true that pruning a valued specimen plant is one of the fussiest of jobs involving tree care so it is a good idea to hire an arborist. Ranging from establishing specimens properly in the landscape to tree-care issues that may crop up over the lifespan of a specimen, homeowners call upon arborists to take care of these problems. 

You must first clearly define what your specific needs are before hiring arborists or tree services. Your selection criteria will vary according to those needs. Let us break the potential consumer’s needs down to for broad work categories for the sake of simplicity. 

    Grunt Work 

Grunt work requires strenuous labor but minimal expertise. Some works involved are grinding and brush chipping. Price will probably be the deciding factor in your choice of whom to hire for such utilitarian work.  It is important to remember that stump grinding work is messy so you will have chips of wood all over your property after the work. 

    Dangerous Work 

Whether you’re own or your neighbor’s, dangerous work is always present which includes removing diseased or partially broke limbs that threaten to fall on a house. Whether or not the tree is healthy, removal of any tree or tree limb located near a house represents such as a threat. So it is advantageous if you take down even a perfectly healthy tree if it is risky. 

    Pruning Trees 

It is true that it needs an artist’s touch and a scientist mind to prune trees. Before hiring, ask local references so that you can see examples of someone’s pruning work. By looking at work for references, it will be fairly easy to make a choice.  For your tree pruning needs, it is best to hire a certified arborist. 

    Tree Care 

It is true that tree work pertains to all aspects of achieving the maximum health of your trees. We are once again in the province of certified arborists as with the tree pruning work. You must talk to your prospects as if you were consulting with doctors to ensure that the professionals are knowledgeable about the work. 

You want to hire someone who is a wizard with pruning shears if you need to have a tree pruned expertly. A chainsaw may not cut the mustard for your needs. Before the cutting starts, ensure that you’ve made a well-informed decision. 

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