A website can’t solely succeed through thought-provoking content or compelling design. As a matter of fact, it needs to be styled professionally, which feeds into the user experience and functionality of your website while being much easier to understand even at first glance. 

Website Design Tips

We completely understand that different individuals also prefer different styles. However, that does not mean that there are not a few ground rules that you should follow the moment you have to decide on your website’s appearance. 

Here are five quick tips in order to make sure that you are heading in the right path and are not turning your clients away: 

Keep Your Homepage Free of Clutter and Minimalistic 

We rarely read each word on a site. Instead, we scan pages quickly, picking out sentences as well as keywords. And, with these known human behaviors in mind, it is quite better that you appeal to emotions instead of word count. And, the less people who are looking at your website has to read, remember or click on, the better they will be able to evaluate and process what is going on. That actually makes it likely for them to follow the things that you want them to do to your site. Calls To Action and Text are of course necessary, however, you need to make sure that you happen to break them up using legible paragraphs and larger subheadings. In addition to that, we also suggest that you use icons or images as alternative ways in order to communicate all your points. 

Design Your Website with Visual Hierarchy in Mind

With smartphones and screens, as the technology to mainly display information continue to evolve, it remains the job of a designer to arrange any content in a much clearer manner. As a matter of fact, you will only have a few moments in order to grab the attention of the readers as well as to tell them what your website is really about. And, if you establish a much clearer hierarchy to the information of your website, chances are readers cannot help but follow unconsciously all the breadcrumbs that you have left for them. After that, apply the right and proper size, contrast, color as well as spacing for further accentuation, while remaining conscious about what’s drawing attention on your website as well as making sure that it is always intentional. 

Furthermore, one of the most ideal elements that we have found in order to create a strong visual hierarchy are: These will help a lot in organizing your site into digestible, clear pieces of content. 

Create Website Content that is Easy to Read

Readability can actually measure how simple it is for users to recognize sentences, phrases, and every word in the first place. When the readability of your website is high, people will certainly be able to scan your website efficiently as well as take in all the information in the content without too much effort. Certainly, achieving the readability of your website is easy if you choose to hire a professional website design in Erie PA.